The Other Tap Festival


October 25 – October 27 2024


Join us in Oslo in October for the second instalment of The Other Tap Festival. Enjoy a weekend in Norway’s capital together with other tap dancers and great tap teachers!

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Ivan Bouchain is a tap dancer, teacher and a general showman. He studied musical comedy at the Coco Comín school (Barcelona, Spain) and received a scholarship in 2014 for the «Tap Dance Program» directed by Michelle Dorrance at Jacob’s Pillow (Massachusetts, United States).
Ivan has been a teacher and performer at the international tap festivals Tap On Barcelona, Harlem festival (Lithuania), Oslo Tap Festival, Paris Tap Festival, Tiptap festival in Poland and Stockholm tap festival. He has also been running the weekly tap jams in Barcelona.

More teachers to be announced


Level 1: Beginner

You have been tap dancing for a short while and know your shuffles, flaps and paddles. You know some timesteps and can pick up simple choreography when it is not too fast and is taught with a bit of patience.

Level 2: Intermediate

You have been dancing for some years and your technique is shaping up. You master a good amount of steps, timesteps and other combinations in various tempos. Improvisation is not new and scary and you can use a bit of musicality in your dance.

Level 3: Advanced

You have been dancing for many years and tap is in your bones. Your technique is fluent, and you can execute timesteps and other combination at rather spicy speeds. Improvisation comes naturally and you can pick up choreography quickly.



The Other Tap Festival will be held at Oslo Høyskolen Kristiania, Campus Urtegata right in the heart of Oslo.

It’s easily accessible from Oslo Central Station and Jernbanetorget as well as multiple tram and bus stops nearby.

To plan your trip by public transportation, you can use Ruter’s journey planner here:




The Other Tap Festival is Norway’s only tap festival and aims to be a friendly and fresh tap festival bringing together dancers from near and far to Oslo in the early autumn. The festival is the love child of two tap companies, the amateur The Other Tap Company and the professional Offbeat Entertainment company. Emphasis is on growing the community both for professionals and amateurs and having a good time with tap.

The organizers

Offbeat Entertainment began as a passion project for Kamilla Skallerud in 2015 and did some smaller projects in the beginning. In 2021 we decided to really kick things off and gathered nine professional musical theatre performers and dancers in the company. Since then we have committed ourselves to develop our members as tap dancers, as well as contributing to strengthening the Norwegian tap dance community.

The Other Tap Company was started in 2021 and consists of a bunch of enthusiastic tap dancers who like to dance together. We are a mix of professionals and amateurs and the age of the members range from just over 20 to over 60. Common to us all is that we love tap. We are not necessarily here to be the best. We are here to have fun with tap and to strengthen the Norwegian tap dance community by arranging small and large tap dance events.

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